Sunday, June 02, 2013

June and time to meet again

Our June meeting is on Tuesday (4th June) at the usual time of 8 pm.  It seems to have come round quickly again.

Frances Perkins is coming to demonstrate a neckband that is suitable to put on a cut and sew neckline.  She's also promised a few hints and tips as well.  Hand knitters often think they can't cut into their knitting but they can and the results are just as successful as those achieved by machine knitters.  It's a great technique to learn and could be an alternative to unpicking.

We will also be finalising details for the Knit in Public event on 8th June from 10 am till 4 pm at the Hart Centre, Fleet.  We've got yarn ready and some needles for passers by to have a go.  And of course there will be a machine for poeple to try and well. 

Plus of course there will be time for a bit of show and tell.  We all like to see what others have knitted.  It can give us inspiration and encouragement.

Do come and join us for one or both events.

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