Saturday, August 31, 2013

September 2013 and the start of another year.

Our Club meets again on Tuesday 3rd September at 8 pm. As usual this will be our AGM, so it is the ideal opportunity to give us your ideas and thoughts about the club and what you aim to knit during the next year.

Along with the AGM (which as you know doesn’t take us very long!) we will be solving a few problems. There will be at least one knitting machine there as we have been requested to see why a machine won’t knit tuck lace. If you have a problem that you’d like us to try and solve, do bring it along with anything that might be necessary, such as pattern, needles and yarn. I have also been contacted by Laura, who has yarn to sell which is left from when she had her own knitting business. She will be bringing it along to the AGM meeting so don’t forget to bring your purse.

Once again it has been difficult to find speakers and we have had to rely on members volunteering to show techniques and stitches to fill the programme. We will try to find speakers to fill the gaps which will then give us a reasonably balanced programme.

With your agreement, we will continue to support the Friends of the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton Branch with donations of knitted and other new, but unwanted, items. We will collect them together at our December meeting, and they will be taken to the hospital a few days later. The Friends of the Royal Marsden will also be the recipient of the money raised at our club meetings through the sale of donated yarn and other items of knitting paraphernalia.

We also have an on-going project to knitting for a charity. As you enjoyed knitting the squares, we’re wondering if you would like to do the same this year. If so, we will be asking for a volunteer to make them into the blankets to give to Shelter. If you think this is something you could do please either volunteer at the AGM, or contact me at any time. Shelter will also be happy to receive hats and scarves of all sizes if you prefer knitting them.

We have continued to update our blogspot. Hardly a day goes by without someone looking at it. The programme will be posted there so as soon as I fill a date in the programme I will put it on the blogspot. If you haven’t looked lately, we’ve updated the layout and it has a whole new look now.

Subs will remain £15.00 for this year so please help by having your cheque ready (made payable to “Fleet Machine Knitting Club”) or the correct money to hand and maybe in an envelope with your name on it. You can still opt to pay £3 per night that you attend if you prefer. If necessary we may need to levy an additional variable amount towards any evening when we have a speaker.

Looking forward to another successful year of knitting.