Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Goodies from our Charity Evening

Machine knitted tunic from Sheila.

Hairpin lace scarf knitted on the LK150, pattern courtesy of Elaine Cater. Knitted by Kathy.
This will keep someone's ears warm. Machine knitted by Sheila.
One of three hanknitted blankets by Janet.
Handknitted bag by Chris

An overall view of all the goodies!

December Meeting

This was our Christmas meeting and as usual we had a good evening full of chatter and seasonal cheer. And mince pies!
We were again supporting our favourite charity, The Friends of the Royal Marsden. Club members are always very generous, making varous items for them to sell, and donating unwanted gifts they have received. So our table was groaning with goodies, which we all admired. They have now all gone to the hospital, and are probably all sold!
It was nice to see some hand knitted pieces from our newer members too. They have a lot to teach us.
After much jollity, we all left and are looking forward to Christmas. Then next year we can all
There is no meeting in January but we will be back again in February when Terry Viner will be entertaining us taking machines apart for maintainance.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

December Meeting

Our December meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th. As is usual, this is our Charity Evening, when everyone brings items, either hand made or donated, which are then given to our chosen charity. This year we are again supporting the Friends of the Royal Marsden Hospital, who always appreciate our gifts and raise a lot of money for patient amenities. Machine knitted items are always popular and sell well.
We will also have mince pies and tea/coffee, and of course lots of chatter!
We would like to take the opportunity to wish anyone who is reading this blog a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and , of course, Happy Machine Knitting! Long may it continue!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

November Meeting

Another interesting evening at this meeting. Our guest speaker was Elaine Cater, probably best known for her garter carriage knitting, but tonight the subject was her latest work on Lace Combinations. Some knitters may remember these combined techniques featured in older Brother pattern books but Elaine has brought them up to date with samples and garments. She made it sound so easy to combine lace with either fair isle, tuck stitch or weaving and the resulting fabric looked fantastic. Elaine herself was wearing a beautiful waistcoat knitted in lace and fair isle, and had with her a jacket which was knitted in lace and weaving. I fell in love with the baby shawl which was knitted in a combination of lace and tuck stitch and looked like a real heiloom piece. Even the edging was interesting being knitted in a lace and slip stitch combination. Definitely one to try. Her latest book is definitely a winner.
Not only did Elaine talk about these techniques, she demonstrated on the machine and explained how the pattern needed to be programmed. Seems there is a difference between the patterns for punchcard and electronic machines! Easy to understand when it is explained!
Elaine also has books by Mary Ann Oger which cover a variety of things. One for the wish list is The Necks Best Thing, plenty of changes to the traditional neckline.
Elaine also explained to us the Guild Challenge for next year, plenty of scope for all to enter.
Unfortunately we were all so absorbed in watching and asking questions we forgot to take any photos this month! Maybe someone will knit something in lace combination for next month!

Friday, November 03, 2006

November meeting

I'm looking forward to the November meeting next week (Tuesday 7th November 8 pm). We have Elaine Cater coming to talk to us and show us some of her recent work. Elaine works on a Brother punchcard machine, but I believe the techniques she is going to be showing us can also be worked on a Knitmaster if you use that machine. I know Elaine is famous for her work using the Garter Carriage, but that's not all she does. I believe she will be using the lace carriage as well as other stitch structures that can be worked on a single bed machine. I haven't asked her yet if we can take photos, so if she agrees we'll post some up here and maybe a close up of some of the samples she will be demonstrating.

If there's anyone out there that finds this in time and would like to come along to see Elaine then you will be made welcome. The location is given on the left hand side, or if you need directions then post a comment and we'll get back to you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Change to Programme

Please note we have changed our programme. Terry Viner will now be speaking about machine maintainence at the February meeting, and Liz and Nina will talk in April.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

October Meeting

Another interesting evening. As can be seen from the above photo, we had a visit from Nick who runs Uppingham Yarns.
He gave us a talk about different fibres, both natural and man made. Plenty of examples of each, including soya and bamboo tops. Nick also demonstrated the burn test for identifying fibres, and didn't burn the place down!
We also found out who makes the profit from commercial knitwear, and it isn't the sheep farmer!
Nick is a mine of information and facts, all very interesting!

After Nick's talk there was an opportunity to browse the yarns he had brought with him, all the usual favourites plus some luscious fancy Italian yarns to experiment with! We did hear the sounds of money changing hands, but who can resist adding to their stash?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

October Meeting

The October meeting is on Tuesday October 3rd. 8 pm as usual. Uppingham Yarns are bringing their mobile yarn shop. They will be bringing a selection of their beautiful yarns and knitting machine spares and accessories. This is our opportunity to stock up on some of those lovely fancy yarns that are around at the moment as well as favourite basics. They will be bringing hand knitting yarns as well as machine knitting yarns. I'm already thinking about what I need for Christmas presents!

There will also be a talk about fibre types, testing, preparation and uses.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some Photos from September Meeting.

This is a beautiful felted bag.
Linda working at her spinning wheel.

Albert making braids, you can just see some finished ones on the chair.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Challenge for this year

At our AGM recently Liz announced the challenge for this year.
It is to make something to put on your feet. This covers a lot of items, socks, bedsocks, stockings, slippers, baby bootees, felted items, wire items, let's face it Liz didn't say anything about it being practical! How about jewellery for your toes? Let your imagination run riot, items can be sewn, knitted, crocheted, woven, whatever takes your fancy! Don't forget the embellishment, how about lots of bling! Don't limit your creativity, go wild!
We will try to show some examples at future meetings, just to get you going!
Roll on next July, when we can see the finished articles!
Here's one idea we saw last week from Linda, slippers made by modular knitting.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Programme for 2006/2007

5th September AGM. Linda and Albert Moss - Spinning
3rd October Uppingham Yarns
7th November Elaine Cater - new lace patterns
5th December Charity Evening
2nd January No meeting
6th February Terry Viner - Machine Maintainence

6th March Gillian Lamb - Multi directional knitting
3rd April Liz and Nina
1st May Anne Laverne
5th June Hands On
3rd July Challenge Evening
7th August No meeting

4th September Annual General Meeting

September meeting

We started with the AGM, and all business was speedily wrapped up. Liz had arranged an interesting and varied programme for the coming year. We will post the programme separately. Finances are healthy, which is always good news.
Our speakers for the evening were Linda and Albert Moss, who entertained us until 10.30pm (I can't remember the last time we stayed so late!) Linda gave a demonstration on her spinning wheel and talked about the different types of fleeces, their preparation, how to spin and ply, and how to get various finishes of yarn. She had also brought along a good selection of garments, bags, rugs and other items for us to see. I will post photos of these over the next few days. Albert gave a demonstration of braid making and we all had a go using cardboard templates. Linda also showed us peg loom weaving. Did you know you can not just use carded fleece for weaving, but you can also knit with it?
Although there was not a knitting machine in sight, we were all inspired and informed! Those of us who own spinning wheels really should get them out and dust them off!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What's happening in September?

Our September meeting is on Tuesday 5th September at 8 pm. It's our AGM. We keep the business part of the meeting very short as we also have a guest speaker which is much more interesting. Our Treasurer will be giving us a report on our financial status. We will be choosing the charity to support this year, selecting the committee and thanking those that have helped us. Current members have been sent the programme for this year along with the Agenda for the AGM and the summer newsletter, so I'm hoping they will all come along and renew their membership for another year. The speaker for the evening is actually a double act - Linda and Albert Moss will be talking about spinning yarn. They will be bringing a spinning wheel with them and also lots of things they have made using their own yarn. This should give us plenty of ideas of things we can make. If you'd like to come and join us, please do. Visitors are always welcome, even at the AGM. If you'd like more information, send me a comment and I'll try to get back to you.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Beginning of a new year for Fleet Knitting Club

Fleet Club year runs from September to August, so this is the time of year when we plan our programme. We've had our committee meeting and discussed who we would like to come and talk to us this year. Naturally this meeting was held at the local pub/restaurant so we could enjoy some good food and a glass of something at the same time! We did get through a lot of business as well and I came away with a list of suggestions and people to contact. I also told the committee members about the knitting challenge for 2006/7 and they agreed there was plenty of scope for imagination in the chosen subject - no I'm not telling yet, it will be announced at the AGM in September. I've been in touch with the speakers we discussed at our meeting and I've been able to complete the programme for the year. It must be a first that I've been able to sort it all out before the AGM instead of having to say "to be confirmed" on some months. I will be revealing who will be speaking shortly. Now I must prepare the summer newsletter and get it copied and posted to all members. If everyone was on line I could post it here....

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No club meeting in August. We will be having a committee meeting to talk over a few things. I'm doing some planning for our next year which runs from September to July, booking speakers and that sort of thing. I've remembered to write the letter booking the hall - now I just need to post it! I've decided on the challenge for next year and will announce it at the AGM in September. If anyone has any suggestions for speakers, or something they would particularly like us to cover, now is the time to let us know. It is definitely too hot today to knit, but I'm sure as soon as the weather cools a bit I will be back at the machine. I have been doing a bit of hand knitting, trying the multidirectional techniques. Now maybe they would be transferrable to the machine ...... just a thought. I've got to try it soon because I need to know!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Burglar Ted

Here's one naughty boy who missed the party, wonder what he was doing. Dressed by Kathy, he is wearing a knitted hat and striped jumper, sewn denim jeans and boots made from black felt with funky foam soles. He is carrying a very large Swag bag overflowing with crocheted gold and silver jewellery and of course, a torch! Don't forget his black felt mask, just so you won't recognise him! Maybe he will visit in September.


Meet Tabitha, Tallulah's little sister, who's keeping a close eye on her as she gets ready for her night out! She is trying to copy her big sister, so has her own caribou/boas stole and posh shoes. She has a flower hat and a lilac gathered skirt. Another of Liz's creations!


This is Liz's creation, wearing a white knitted dress trimmed with crochet and ribbon and with a lilac net underskirt. All dressed up for a night on the town. Her shoes and tiara are free standing lace worked on an embroidery machine, as is the star on the end of her wand. She also has ear rings and a necklace and a caribou/boa stole for when it gets chilly. As she is such a modern miss, she is also wearing a thong! And whilst she is getting ready for her night out she is having a glass of something to get her in the right mood! Look carefully and you can see the glass in her hand!

Fairy Bun Buns

You may recognise Fiona's Bunny made when we did felting. She now has a change of clothing. She can dress up as a fairy in her knitted lace dress with net underskirt. Pinned to the front of the dress is a beaded flower corsage and she has a beaded bag on her arm. Her crown is knitted in wire and beads and her net wings are decorated with glitter fabric glue.


Chris is a friend of Sheila, wearing a dress and panties knitted from a Wendy Phillips pattern. She also has shoes and a bonnet. Lucky girl also has a selection of hats to wear, depending on her mood!

Mr Scott

This bear was dressed by Nina in a kilt, jacket, shirt, socks,garters and shoes. Mr Scott is ready to dance so he has underwear! If he wasn't going to dance he would be a traditional Scots laddie!


Sylvia knitted Tedwina, then dressed her in a blue hat, skirt jumper, waistcoat and panties.


And this is Tilly, dressed by Shirley in a felted knitted dress, trimmed with lace and flower braid.


This is Val's friend wearing her skirt and matching bolero shawl style jacket.


Here's Penny, knitted by Phyllis, wearing a yellow dress with knitted top and crochet skirt, trimmed with a white ribbon tie belt.


This special bear was hand made for it's owner, Gladys, who has dressed him in a hand knitted Aran jumper, scarf and hat.


Meet Dotty, a friend of Miriam, wearing a polycotton dress and bloomers. Her hat and bag were crocheted. Wonder how she got her name?

July Meeting

Another fun meeting, and the members rose well to Liz's challenge with a lovely collection of fully dressed bears! Wonder what her challenge will be for next year?
Here is a group photo of the bears in all their glory. I will upload individual pictures of each bear later, with details of their clothes.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

July meeting is coming up soon

June has rushed past and it's almost time for our July meeting. This month we will be seeing how many people have completed the challenge I set them last September. At our AGM I set the challenge of dressing a teddy bear. I wanted the whole outfit - clothes, hat, bag, shoes and any other trimmings necessary to complete the look. It could incorporate knitting by hand or machine, crochet, dressmaking skills, embroidery, beading or any other craft. I've completed my teddy bear and she's sitting here ready for next week. I must remember to take the camera so I can get some photographs to post here to show everyone. So don't forget, the July meeting is on 4th July at 8 pm. I'm looking forward to meeting all our "visitors".

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Future Meetings

We have had a valid comment from someone about future meetings. We will publish our agenda for next year when it is finalised, before September. Unfortunately we cannot afford speakers at each meeting, but do have quite a few. In July we hope all the club members will have met Liz's challenge to "Dress a Teddy", including all accessories. Watch out for the photos! I'd better go and do mine!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

More from the archives

Here's a photo from July 2004, showing some of the girls from the club. We had knitted, crocheted and sewn 57 blankets over a period of 9 months to donate to Project Linus. Here we are presenting them to Angeline, who has since given them all to children who needed them. A worthwhile project, and a good way to use extra stash, try out different techniques and ideas!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer Tops

Here are Liz's summer tops, knitted in 2 strands of 2 ply cotton, based on a Busy Bees pattern with different hems on each. These have tone on tone machine embroidery. Keep watching as there are plans for a multi coloured cardigan to go with them, just to use up the left over yarn!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Piece of History

A photo of our club stand at the A.G.M. of the Guild of Machine Knitters when it was held in Hampshire. Shows a diverse range of knitting, from garments to baby blankets to cushions.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Show and Tell

An example of tone on tone machine embroidery on one of the summer tops knitted by Liz. We'll try to get a decent photo of the garment!

Jean with her tea cosy, knitted for the Knitability Club competition.

June Meeting

An interesting meeting. Main topic was discussion of the techniques shown to us last month by Denise Musk, one very talented lady! Also a demonstration on the machine of how to do her pin tucks. Hopefully this will inspire people to get knitting!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

More on June Meeting

I'll also be reminding everyone about the challenge I set them last year. I asked everyone to dress a teddy - not just clothes, but shoes, hat, the whole outfit. I've been hearing little bits about how you're getting on, so I'm looking forward to seeing them all in July. I'll be taking photographs, so I can post some here for you all to see. Don't forget, everyone is welcome. The meeting starts at 8 pm.

June meeting

It's almost time for our June Meeting, so I've been busy planning what we are going to be doing and talking about. It's a hands-on evening, so, following on from last months meeting when we had an inspirational talk from Denise Musk, we are going to be doing some slip stitch and also trying out the method Denise talked about for working pintucks.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Blowing Our Trumpet

Members of Fleet Knitting Club helped to man the Machine Knitting Guild stand at Esher in January 2006. Here is Liz in "full flow".
It was four days of hard work but great fun, meeting lots of knitters and encouraging new ones.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

a cute bunny picture

Hi everyone. Tonight I'm adding a picture - I hope! The bunny was made by club member Fiona. She machine knitted and felted the fabric herself. It's 2ply lambswool and she felted it in a washing machine. Then cut out the bunny using a printed pattern. It is so sweet and the felted fabric is so soft, you just want to cuddle it.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our first message to the wider world

This is a new venture for us. We hope to tell the world of our presence and what we are up to.

We'd like to encourage people to get knitting! We'd love to see some new faces, so if anyone would like to come and meet us, please just come along. We will post pictures of things we've made and let you know what's happening at our monthly meetings. We may look like a group of old fuddy duddy's but we are all young at heart!