Thursday, September 07, 2006

September meeting

We started with the AGM, and all business was speedily wrapped up. Liz had arranged an interesting and varied programme for the coming year. We will post the programme separately. Finances are healthy, which is always good news.
Our speakers for the evening were Linda and Albert Moss, who entertained us until 10.30pm (I can't remember the last time we stayed so late!) Linda gave a demonstration on her spinning wheel and talked about the different types of fleeces, their preparation, how to spin and ply, and how to get various finishes of yarn. She had also brought along a good selection of garments, bags, rugs and other items for us to see. I will post photos of these over the next few days. Albert gave a demonstration of braid making and we all had a go using cardboard templates. Linda also showed us peg loom weaving. Did you know you can not just use carded fleece for weaving, but you can also knit with it?
Although there was not a knitting machine in sight, we were all inspired and informed! Those of us who own spinning wheels really should get them out and dust them off!

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Anonymous said...

Linda and Albert were brilliant, very inspiring. Who knows I may just get my wheel out soon!! :-) Those that couldn't attend missed out on entertaining evening.


PS like the links, they work fine.