Sunday, July 02, 2017

July meeting

The July meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th July.  It will be a knit and natter evening (we haven't had one of them for a while!) so bring along your work in progress and have a chat with others whilst you knit.

July is also the month when we bring along the items we made for the club knitting challenge.  You may remember that it is to knit a two piece set, so hat and gloves, scarf and hat, or even a jumper and skirt - whatever you choose.  More details should be in the side bar.

Please bring any items you've completed this month too, so we can have a show and tell as well.

There won't be a meeting in August as it's summer holiday time!  So if you can't make this meeting the next time we meet will be September and the start of a new year for us.

So same place, same time - Tuesday 4th July, 8 pm!

Our June meeting

Apologies twice over.  Firstly for being so late in posting about our June meeting, and secondly I didn't take photos!  (Note to self - must do better!)

The topic of the meeting was knitting with beads.  The attendance for the evening wasn't great, but we had a good discussion about the different ways to knit beads in and what "extras"  could be purchased to make the task easier.

There a number of Youtube videos showing different methods, as well as written tutorials.  All were quickly found by searching on line with Google or other search engine.

During the notices it was mentioned that the Guild of Machine Knitters National Guild Day would be talking place at a location not too far away.  Some members of the Club attended and had a great day despite the heat (we were having a mini-heatwave here in the UK!).  Lots to look at, speakers to listen hear and a day spent chatting with other machine knitters.  Lots of tea, coffee and cake too!  What more could we want.  The Guild of Machine Knitters website  They also have a Facebook page now too  Guild Facebook page and have posted a photograph taken on the day.  I can spot two of our members in the photo!