Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April meeting so summer must be on its way

The April meeting will be on Tuesday 6th April, just after Easter. We haven't got a speaker this month, however I will bring a selection of yarns suitable for hand and machine knitting and we will be talking about them and yarns in general. We will be discussing how these yarns should be processed, e.g. washed, pressed, no heat etc. and what tension to knit them at.

If you have some yarn and you don't know what to knit it up into, bring it along and we will give you some suggestions. Or you may find someone else has brought some yarn that you would like to knit up and they like what you have brought along so you could agree to do a swap.

I look forward to seeing you, and if you haven't been before, you are welcome to come and meet us on the 1st Tuesday of the month 8 pm - 10 pm.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Meeting

Tonight we had a visit from Beryl Jarvis, who talked to us about making up our knitting. This was appropriate for both hand and machine knitters.
Beryl covered all aspects of making up, from hand stitching to using the linker, and gave us many handy hints too! A very good one was about shaping the back neckline as you make up rather than while you are knitting! Anything to make life easier, and the resulting garment neater!
We all enjoyed Beryl's talk, and many questions were asked, and answered, and Beryl also demonstrated a lot of her techniques. She had also brought along some of her garments for us to see, and all her publications for those who hadn't already bought them.
Altogether a very informative and enjoyable evening!

Show and Tell

Here is a beautiful machine knitted and woven jacket from Sue.

A lovely bright hand knitted childs cardigan from Sandra.

A collection of hats and scarves Liz and her helpers managed at the last show they attended.

Here is our latest collection of blankets, hats and teddies for SANDS, knitted by our members, some by hand and some by machine.