Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unravel at Farnham Maltings 27 & 28 Feb

This is a knitting event, primarily for hand knitters, but machine knitters are creeping in! There are talks and workshops as well as exciting yarns to buy. There are displays of knitting throughout the whole of the Maltings. The pillars that support the floors in this beautiful old building have been decorated in knitting and outside there is knitted bunting, as well as knitting decorating the lamp posts and bridge leading to the Maltings. Thre is a knitting surgery as well for those of you that are having problems with your knitting. Bring your knitting along anyway and sit and knit and knatter.

If there are any hand knitters out there who want to have a look at a knitting machine, the Guild of Machine Knitters will be there. They will be displaying machine knitted items and will answer your questions about machine knitting. If you've never used a machine before you can try one out, and if you have a machine knitting problem they will help you solve it.

Full details of the event are on the Farnham Maltings website. I did try putting a link in, but not sure if it will work. Use your search engine to find Farnham Maltings, then go to Festivals and you will find Unravel. It is a two day event (Saturday and Sunday 27 and 28 February).

I hope that this local event will be sell supported. Advance tickets are selling well.

March Meeting with Beryl Jarvis

Beryl Jarvis is coming to talk to us this month (Tuesday 2nd March). It's not often we get chance to hear one of Beryls talks as she lives a fair distance away, but she has agreed to talk to us and a couple of other clubs in the area before going on to Bournemouth for Machine Knitting Live at the weekend.

Beryl will be talking about making up. Garments of course, not making friends again after a row! I feel this is a really important part of our knitting and one we do not always pay enough attention to. We may be able to knit beautifully, but if we can't assemble and finish our knitting properly it will not look good.

Visitors are always welcome. The meeting will start at 8 pm prompt so that we have plenty of time to have notices and show and tell, as well as hear what Beryl has to tell us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Meeting

Jean brought along her table top loom which had been set up so that we could try it. She explained how it worked and how you could get a pattern. Jean also showed us some of the work she had done as part of her textiles degree course. She had graduated this summer from Farnham College. She also showed us the fabric she had produced much of which was woven silk. She had dyed a lot of the yarn herself as well. Lots of questions were asked and we were able to have a go at the weaving as
well. She also explained that we could weave using yarns that we probably had in our stash at home and produce really nice fabrics with them as well.

More hand knit goodies, this one from Sandra.

Another fine shawl by Chris!

A yoke necked jumper (also from Chris) using the Elizabeth Zimmerman method to calculate the yoke.

A crochet top from Carol.

Close up of the crochet pattern.

A chunky knit jumper from Chris.

A couple of children's jumpers from Nina.

More blankets and hats for SANDS.