Sunday, March 11, 2012


We looked at linkers this month. Some people had never seen the Hague linker or the cast off linker that goes on the knitting machines.

Hand knitters were very impressed with both. Nina was stitching together a blanket that folds into a cushion when not in use. It was a pattern in one of the Guild of Machine Knitters Newsletters a couple of years ago. We didn't quite get it finished during the evening, but the long seams are done which is a great start.

Liz showed how to use the Brother cast off linker. Some others had a try, not all successfully, but with a bit of practice they will succeed.

Of course there was also time for a cup of tea and a chat and 17 of us either renewed our subscriptions to the Guild of Machine Knitters or joined. Their quarterly Newsletter is a good read and has lots of useful information in it. If you want to find out more about the Guild visit We are very pleased that some of the members of the club who came along as hand knitters are now converts to machine knitting.

March 2012 Show and Tell

These two groups of teddies and the hats have been knitted for the children in Africa and other counties who haven't got anything. Knitted and given with love.

Stelphanie and Carole have both been busy. Stephanie knitted the neck warmer and fingerless gloves for her friend and also had a go at felting. She handknitted the bag and then felted it. What a surprise when it came out of the washing machine this size.
Carole has also been hand lace knitting this lovely scarf and also a little sleeveless cardigan on the machie ready the summer.

Phyllis is expecting the weather to stay cool for a bit longer. She knitted this lovely sweater using her garter carriage.
Inspiration for us all to get our needles out, be it 2 or 200!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

March Meeting

Our March meeting is on Tuesday, 6th March. We thought long and hard about what would interesting everyone and then it came to us. The Hague linker and the cast off linkers for the knitting machines. It's been a long while since they saw the light at club.

We knitted 3 panels of a blanket when we were at Unravel last weekend so we can sew them together on Tuesday evening. We can also do a few fancy bits on it to show you what else can be achieved. And we know that some of you have cast off linkers tucked away and don't know how to use them. So come and take a look.

Both linkers will fascinate the non-machine knitter and the Hague is suitable for those of you that handknit but hate making up.

See you on Tuesday. 8pm is the start time and visitors are welcome.

Guest Speaker for February 2012

Kim Witcher came to speak to us this month. She describes herself as a Knitwear Designer but she is more than that. She creates amazing garments from unusual yarns for the stage, film and television. Did you realise that what appears to be chain mail is often knitted cord with some fabric paint on it? Neither did I still I saw it close to. It has the look of chain mail, and the flexibility necessary to move on on stage etc.
We were all fascinated. We were quiet, listening to her every word and when she had finished her talk we continued to ask her questions.
Thanks Kim for an interesting and enjoyable evening.

February 2012 show and tell

Lots of lovely things have been knitted since we last met, however most of them have been given away for Christmas, There are a few still left, or that have been completed (or almost completed) since then so here are the pictures.

No names to indicate who knitted what as I forgot to write it down. Sorry everyone. Will you fire me and find someone else to do this job?