Monday, March 09, 2009

March Meeting

Tonight we had a lively meeting with lots of practical demonstrations. Our speaker was Clair Crowston, a long time machine knitter and designer.

Two machines were set up, a Brother and a Knitmaster, so the techniques could be shown on both as we all have different machines. Liz manned the Brother, and Clair the Knitmaster. All the techniques are used in Clair's patterns.

We were shown a weaving pattern with pick up, magic fairisle, godets as worked in a skirt, and the latch tool cast on. One example of the magic fairisle used a lurex yarn and the resulting diamond pattern looked as if diamantes had been sewn on the garment, very fashionable at the moment!
A selection of Clair's patterns. All may be obtained through her website (link in previous post).
We all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and either learnt something new or had our memories refreshed!

Show and Tell

These little Easter treats have been hand knitted by Pauline for charity. Each contains a small egg.
Close up of baby girl complete with dummy in her mouth!

More of Chris's beautiful handknitted shawls and wraps, showing the stitch pattern details. Some of these are in very fine yarns.

Here's Sandra's top made with one of Clair's patterns!