Thursday, June 28, 2007

July meeting coming up

I can't believe another month has gone by. It's almost July and half the year has flashed past. I wonder what has happened to the sunshine. I did think when I set the challenge last September that asking you to make something to wear on your feet for July might mean you would have a new pair of socks for the winter. Unless it warms up soon you might come in wearing them instead.

Our July meeting as you might have gathered is the evening when we bring the things we have made to complete the challenge for the year - this year, something to wear on our feet. I wonder how many of you will have made something this time. I'll also bring along the things I had to show you last month knitted using holding position. Maybe we will get time to look at and talk about them this month.

So I do hope you can make it. 8pm as usual.

Monday, June 11, 2007

June Meeting

As we did not have a speaker for this evening, Liz had intended to talk about holding position and demonstrate some ways to use it. However as with all good plans, things go awry and we ended up discussing various aspects of knitting. These discussions were very interesting and we all learnt a few new things!
As can be seen in the photos below, Liz had knitted a Quillow, so time was spent talking about these, and how to crochet an edging around the pillow. We all admired Chris's felted bags. Chris hand knits these, but similar can be achieved on a machine.
A timely reminder to all members, at our meeting next month we want to see what you have done for the challenge, to knit something to put on your feet. Looking forward to seeing some interesting pieces of knitting!

Liz's Guild competition entry

Liz used some dimensional knitting to create the pattern on this top.

Fiona's top


A knitted quillow from Liz. For those not in the know a quillow is a blanket which folds up and tucks into a pillow! Can be knitted in child size to adult size. Definitely a good way to use up stash and a good thing to knit for charity.

Felted bags

These beautiful felted bags are handknitted by Chris.