Saturday, April 28, 2012

May 2012 meeting

The 1st of May will be the date of the next meeting. Frances Perkins is coming to talk to us again.  Her subject this time will be stripes.  Now I bet this puts a whole new perspective on the humble stripe.  The talk will be suitable for machine and hand knitters, and I am sure Frances will have her knitting machine with her.

As a reminder to members of the club, the 2012 Challenge will be finishing in June this year, rather than July as we have arranged a speaker for that meeting.  The subject of the Challenge this time is to "knit a bag".  And the rules? You can only use yarns and trimmings from your stash, or that you have begged from others.  No money must exchange hands and you can't send someone shopping for you.

Visitors are always welcome at our meeting, so even if you are only in the area for a short while, come along and bring your knitting.  The meetings start at 8 pm.

A fun April Meeting

Well judging by the smiling faces and busy hands we had a good meeting in April.  We were brushing up our sock knitting again as some people hadn't been able to get to the previous meeting and we hadn't managed to show all the techniques (and some of us had forgotten bits!).

There were some items brought in for the show and tell, but I didn't get to take photographs of them so apologies to those that took the trouble to bring them.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Our April 2012 meeting is tomorrow

I am reminded that it is our April meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday 3rd April). It’s the turn of the hand knitters to have a go this month. I know some of you are still having problems getting
started on 4 needles and joining up your work when using a circular needle and also that some of you would like to see the magic loop again. Shirley will also be demonstrating how to do an invisible cast on for 1x1 rib which several of you have shown interest in.

I will also have a machine with me so if the machine knitters amongst you have any queries we can try and sort them as well.

If you would like help with any other aspect of hand or machine knitting, please bring the relevant pattern etc with you and between us we can hope to get it sorted.

Please also bring 4 needles and/or a circular needle and some yarn as well.

Don’t forget to bring anything you’ve knitted to show and perhaps your work in progress as well.

See you tomorrow; 8pm as usual. Visitors are most welcome.