Saturday, April 28, 2012

May 2012 meeting

The 1st of May will be the date of the next meeting. Frances Perkins is coming to talk to us again.  Her subject this time will be stripes.  Now I bet this puts a whole new perspective on the humble stripe.  The talk will be suitable for machine and hand knitters, and I am sure Frances will have her knitting machine with her.

As a reminder to members of the club, the 2012 Challenge will be finishing in June this year, rather than July as we have arranged a speaker for that meeting.  The subject of the Challenge this time is to "knit a bag".  And the rules? You can only use yarns and trimmings from your stash, or that you have begged from others.  No money must exchange hands and you can't send someone shopping for you.

Visitors are always welcome at our meeting, so even if you are only in the area for a short while, come along and bring your knitting.  The meetings start at 8 pm.

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Anonymous said...

please help I need childrens roundneck sweaters made up in wine coloured cotton or viscose mix for school
machine knit asap

please let me know if you find someone thanks erika