Sunday, June 03, 2012

Lots of things knitted in May

We had a busy month with all our knitting.  Here's a selection of just some of the things that were brought in.

Apologies to the knitters if I've got the names wrong.  I lost my notes on who knitted what, but I think that Sally knitted these two garments and she also worked out the patterning on grey jumper below herself, based on a sci-fi progamme.

This cute baby cardigan with the dragonfly motif was hand knitted by Anne.  The mob cap has a matching dragonfly on it.  Any little girl would be pleased to wear it.

I do remember that this shawl was knitted by Carole for her daughter and the socks below by Liz are knitted in a yarn by Wendy called "Happy" which is bamboo. 

Another handknit shawl which I think was possibly knitted by Anne.  I love the way it sits so well on the shoulder; all down to the shaping which you can just see in the photo.

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