Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jubilee Meeting

The meeting on Tuesday 5th June co-incides with the Jubilee Bank Holiday.  It's also the start of half term but I hope some of you will be able to make it.

As we have a speaker next month, we have decided to finish our knitting challenge a bit earlier than usual, i.e. this month.  The challenge was to knit a bag, from yarn and other pieces in your stash, so I hope you've all had a go.

I also plan to bring some hands-on things for you to have a go at - buttons.  We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to find just the right button, so we can try out some options to see which we like best.  I am sure most of you will have seen (or tried) to make a Dorset button, but what about a Yorkshire button?  Come along and learn how!  Bring a yarn needle with you and a small quantity of 4 ply or DK yarn and you can have a go. 

Of course we will make time for show and tell as well.  So hope to see lots of you on Tuesday, 5th June, 8 pm.  Visitors welcome.

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