Tuesday, September 26, 2006

October Meeting

The October meeting is on Tuesday October 3rd. 8 pm as usual. Uppingham Yarns are bringing their mobile yarn shop. They will be bringing a selection of their beautiful yarns and knitting machine spares and accessories. This is our opportunity to stock up on some of those lovely fancy yarns that are around at the moment as well as favourite basics. They will be bringing hand knitting yarns as well as machine knitting yarns. I'm already thinking about what I need for Christmas presents!

There will also be a talk about fibre types, testing, preparation and uses.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Some Photos from September Meeting.

This is a beautiful felted bag.
Linda working at her spinning wheel.

Albert making braids, you can just see some finished ones on the chair.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Challenge for this year

At our AGM recently Liz announced the challenge for this year.
It is to make something to put on your feet. This covers a lot of items, socks, bedsocks, stockings, slippers, baby bootees, felted items, wire items, let's face it Liz didn't say anything about it being practical! How about jewellery for your toes? Let your imagination run riot, items can be sewn, knitted, crocheted, woven, whatever takes your fancy! Don't forget the embellishment, how about lots of bling! Don't limit your creativity, go wild!
We will try to show some examples at future meetings, just to get you going!
Roll on next July, when we can see the finished articles!
Here's one idea we saw last week from Linda, slippers made by modular knitting.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Programme for 2006/2007

5th September AGM. Linda and Albert Moss - Spinning
3rd October Uppingham Yarns
7th November Elaine Cater - new lace patterns
5th December Charity Evening
2nd January No meeting
6th February Terry Viner - Machine Maintainence

6th March Gillian Lamb - Multi directional knitting
3rd April Liz and Nina
1st May Anne Laverne
5th June Hands On
3rd July Challenge Evening
7th August No meeting

4th September Annual General Meeting

September meeting

We started with the AGM, and all business was speedily wrapped up. Liz had arranged an interesting and varied programme for the coming year. We will post the programme separately. Finances are healthy, which is always good news.
Our speakers for the evening were Linda and Albert Moss, who entertained us until 10.30pm (I can't remember the last time we stayed so late!) Linda gave a demonstration on her spinning wheel and talked about the different types of fleeces, their preparation, how to spin and ply, and how to get various finishes of yarn. She had also brought along a good selection of garments, bags, rugs and other items for us to see. I will post photos of these over the next few days. Albert gave a demonstration of braid making and we all had a go using cardboard templates. Linda also showed us peg loom weaving. Did you know you can not just use carded fleece for weaving, but you can also knit with it?
Although there was not a knitting machine in sight, we were all inspired and informed! Those of us who own spinning wheels really should get them out and dust them off!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

What's happening in September?

Our September meeting is on Tuesday 5th September at 8 pm. It's our AGM. We keep the business part of the meeting very short as we also have a guest speaker which is much more interesting. Our Treasurer will be giving us a report on our financial status. We will be choosing the charity to support this year, selecting the committee and thanking those that have helped us. Current members have been sent the programme for this year along with the Agenda for the AGM and the summer newsletter, so I'm hoping they will all come along and renew their membership for another year. The speaker for the evening is actually a double act - Linda and Albert Moss will be talking about spinning yarn. They will be bringing a spinning wheel with them and also lots of things they have made using their own yarn. This should give us plenty of ideas of things we can make. If you'd like to come and join us, please do. Visitors are always welcome, even at the AGM. If you'd like more information, send me a comment and I'll try to get back to you.