Thursday, June 28, 2012

A treat for July

We have a guest speaker this month.  Erica Thomson is travelling down from the Nottingham area to speak to us.

We all know how important finishing is.  It can make all the difference to the look of a garment.  Erica will be passing on some valueable tips and demonstrating some techniques that will help us.

Visitors are welcome to come along.  We welcome machine and hand knitters.  The meeting will start at 8 pm as usual.

What did we do in June?

We had fun making Yorkshire Buttons. 

Ever made a garment but couldn't find a button to suit?  This is one of many ways to make your own.  Most of us had a go, but I think we were talking too much to get them finished!

There are other buttons we can try making when we have another hands-on meeting.

End of the 2012 Challenge

This year our challenge to knit a bag finished in June as we will be having a speaker in July (more of that soon!).  Here are photos of just a selection of the bags that were knitted and brought in.  No prizes as we don't judge them.  We use it an an opportinity to try something new or different, something we may not otherwise try.  Sally knitted the oven bags, a new technique for her ad one she will definitely be doing again.  The one with the flower has been knitted and felted, a first for the knitter.

I think everyone who did a bag enjoyed making it, and learn't something. 

And which one was mine?  Actually none of these.  I ran out of time and didn't get mine finished!  Maybe it will be finished this year and when it is I'll take it along for a show and tell.

just two of the show and tell items from June

These two jackets were knitted by Phyllis using the same pattern.  Both were woven, but using a different punchcard/built in pattern on her Brother machine.  The one on the right has had the floats cut.

Another beautiful shawl.  We just couldn't photograph it fully spread out as the wasn't room.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jubilee Meeting

The meeting on Tuesday 5th June co-incides with the Jubilee Bank Holiday.  It's also the start of half term but I hope some of you will be able to make it.

As we have a speaker next month, we have decided to finish our knitting challenge a bit earlier than usual, i.e. this month.  The challenge was to knit a bag, from yarn and other pieces in your stash, so I hope you've all had a go.

I also plan to bring some hands-on things for you to have a go at - buttons.  We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to find just the right button, so we can try out some options to see which we like best.  I am sure most of you will have seen (or tried) to make a Dorset button, but what about a Yorkshire button?  Come along and learn how!  Bring a yarn needle with you and a small quantity of 4 ply or DK yarn and you can have a go. 

Of course we will make time for show and tell as well.  So hope to see lots of you on Tuesday, 5th June, 8 pm.  Visitors welcome.

Talk about Stripes

Frances came again in May and talked about stripes.  Not just changing colour, but a way to intoduce pattern into your knitting by knitting "fancy" stripes.

We were able to watch closely to see what she was doing, which is a great way to learn.  Actions speak a thousand words as they say, and sometimes it is easier to understand when you see a demonstration.  Thanks Frances for a great evening.

I am sure our hand knitters will also be able to incorporate the same techniques in their knitting.  stripes are a great way of using up yarn when there isn't enough for a whole garment, and by adding bits like Frances showed us it makes for a very interesting design.

Lots of things knitted in May

We had a busy month with all our knitting.  Here's a selection of just some of the things that were brought in.

Apologies to the knitters if I've got the names wrong.  I lost my notes on who knitted what, but I think that Sally knitted these two garments and she also worked out the patterning on grey jumper below herself, based on a sci-fi progamme.

This cute baby cardigan with the dragonfly motif was hand knitted by Anne.  The mob cap has a matching dragonfly on it.  Any little girl would be pleased to wear it.

I do remember that this shawl was knitted by Carole for her daughter and the socks below by Liz are knitted in a yarn by Wendy called "Happy" which is bamboo. 

Another handknit shawl which I think was possibly knitted by Anne.  I love the way it sits so well on the shoulder; all down to the shaping which you can just see in the photo.