Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No club meeting in August. We will be having a committee meeting to talk over a few things. I'm doing some planning for our next year which runs from September to July, booking speakers and that sort of thing. I've remembered to write the letter booking the hall - now I just need to post it! I've decided on the challenge for next year and will announce it at the AGM in September. If anyone has any suggestions for speakers, or something they would particularly like us to cover, now is the time to let us know. It is definitely too hot today to knit, but I'm sure as soon as the weather cools a bit I will be back at the machine. I have been doing a bit of hand knitting, trying the multidirectional techniques. Now maybe they would be transferrable to the machine ...... just a thought. I've got to try it soon because I need to know!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Burglar Ted

Here's one naughty boy who missed the party, wonder what he was doing. Dressed by Kathy, he is wearing a knitted hat and striped jumper, sewn denim jeans and boots made from black felt with funky foam soles. He is carrying a very large Swag bag overflowing with crocheted gold and silver jewellery and of course, a torch! Don't forget his black felt mask, just so you won't recognise him! Maybe he will visit in September.


Meet Tabitha, Tallulah's little sister, who's keeping a close eye on her as she gets ready for her night out! She is trying to copy her big sister, so has her own caribou/boas stole and posh shoes. She has a flower hat and a lilac gathered skirt. Another of Liz's creations!


This is Liz's creation, wearing a white knitted dress trimmed with crochet and ribbon and with a lilac net underskirt. All dressed up for a night on the town. Her shoes and tiara are free standing lace worked on an embroidery machine, as is the star on the end of her wand. She also has ear rings and a necklace and a caribou/boa stole for when it gets chilly. As she is such a modern miss, she is also wearing a thong! And whilst she is getting ready for her night out she is having a glass of something to get her in the right mood! Look carefully and you can see the glass in her hand!

Fairy Bun Buns

You may recognise Fiona's Bunny made when we did felting. She now has a change of clothing. She can dress up as a fairy in her knitted lace dress with net underskirt. Pinned to the front of the dress is a beaded flower corsage and she has a beaded bag on her arm. Her crown is knitted in wire and beads and her net wings are decorated with glitter fabric glue.


Chris is a friend of Sheila, wearing a dress and panties knitted from a Wendy Phillips pattern. She also has shoes and a bonnet. Lucky girl also has a selection of hats to wear, depending on her mood!

Mr Scott

This bear was dressed by Nina in a kilt, jacket, shirt, socks,garters and shoes. Mr Scott is ready to dance so he has underwear! If he wasn't going to dance he would be a traditional Scots laddie!


Sylvia knitted Tedwina, then dressed her in a blue hat, skirt jumper, waistcoat and panties.


And this is Tilly, dressed by Shirley in a felted knitted dress, trimmed with lace and flower braid.


This is Val's friend wearing her skirt and matching bolero shawl style jacket.


Here's Penny, knitted by Phyllis, wearing a yellow dress with knitted top and crochet skirt, trimmed with a white ribbon tie belt.


This special bear was hand made for it's owner, Gladys, who has dressed him in a hand knitted Aran jumper, scarf and hat.


Meet Dotty, a friend of Miriam, wearing a polycotton dress and bloomers. Her hat and bag were crocheted. Wonder how she got her name?

July Meeting

Another fun meeting, and the members rose well to Liz's challenge with a lovely collection of fully dressed bears! Wonder what her challenge will be for next year?
Here is a group photo of the bears in all their glory. I will upload individual pictures of each bear later, with details of their clothes.