Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September meeting and AGM.

Tonight was our AGM which was fairly well attended for such a function! Business was kept short. Our finances are in good health, the subs remain unchanged and we will continue to support the Friends of the Royal Marsden, Sutton, as our charity. Fiona who has been our treasurer for a number of years has had to resign due to pressure of work and family commitments, so she was thanked for her sterling efforts in keeping the accounts in good order. Nina was also thanked for sorting out the teas and coffees, and everyone who helps with setting up and clearing away.
Liz hasn't managed to find enough speakers to fill the programme for the year, but she's working on it and we will be informed in due course.
This years challenge was announced - something for your hands. It need not be something to wear, like gloves, but something to carry, an item of jewellery such as ring or bracelet. You must not buy anything to make this, but may scrounge from other people. You have until next July to produce something, that seems a long way off, but start thinking now and you won't have that last minute rush!

Tonight our speaker was Janina Dodds from Button Up, and of course, the subject was buttons and their history. How they have been used over the centuries both for decoration and fastenings.

These little black buttons are of the type stitched to Queen Victoria's dresses.

A useful tip for fastening buttons to knitting if you don't want to sew. Thread the button on to a length of fine ribbon, tie a knot, then thread the ribbon through the garment and tie a bow. Your button is now securely fixed and also easily removable for washing or a change of buttons.

Janina also showed how buttons can be used decoratively, as here on a jacket collar, adding interesting detail and colour.

More beautiful hand knits from Chris.
Detail of a red lace shawl.

Detail from a pink lace pashmina.

Corner detail from a white baby shawl.

Margaret couldn't attend the July meeting so here are her hats! The stripey one is hand knit and the lilac one is crocheted.