Tuesday, July 30, 2013

No August Meeting

Just to remind you that we don't meet in August.

However the Committee will get together and start planning for the next year (September to July) so if you have any suggestions for a speaker or topic you'd like us to cover please do get in touch with me.

See you all in September!

The Blanket Project is completed!

We have now completed our blankets for charity.  Four blankets were given to Shelter.  Three of them were large enough to fit single beds and the fourth was a little smaller and would fit a cot.

This blanket was made up from 6 inch (15 cm) squares

This blanket was machine kntited in three strips and then joined on a Hague Linker.  It has an extra section that is folded back so that the blanket can be folded and become a pillow - is it a planket or a blanillow?
This blanket is made up of 8 inch (20 cm) squares. Some of the squares knitted for the 6 inch blanket were oversized, so we added sections on, patchwork style, to increase their size.  It made for a rather interesting blanket.

This is the last blanket we made and when we had finished we had just one square left over.

Whe we took them into the Shelter shop in Fleet they were amazed at all our hard work and recieved them with grateful thanks.

And for those of you that knit squres, we asked and yes they do take knitted squares and assemble them into blankets. So if you don't have enough to make your own blanket then take them into the shop in Fleet Road and they will do the rest.

Well done everyone.

July meeting to end our Year.

The July meeting was the last of the club year (which runs from September to July) and the end of the 2013 Challenge.  The challenge this year was to knit an outfit for a doll and we had a number of people who were able to complete the challenge.  Here's the photos of the things that were knitted.

We also were able to sort out a problem for one fellow knitter.  She had an old garment that she was fond of and wanted to create a copy.  However she didn't recognise the stitch and asked if anyone knew what it was.  Never one to turn down a challenge, Christine took a closer look, picked up a pair of needles and some yarn and set to work.

 By the end of the evening she thinks she had cracked it and wrote down what she'd worked out so our other knitter could go away and work the garment out.  We are looking forward to seeing the finished garment.

There was lots of chatter going on in the mean time and aslo some show and tell.  We  also collected the last of the knitted squares and saw the blankets completed so far.  But more of the blankets in the next post.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

July meeting

It's our July meeting tonight and the end of our challenge.  I hope there is a good turn out and that many members have had a go at the challenge - to knit an outfit for a doll. We'll see!

I'm also going to take along the blankets we've been knitting squares for.  The one made up of 6" squares is complete and the one made up of 8" squares needs about 4 more squares to finish it.  I'm hoping that someone will bring them along tonight and that we can get them sewn on.  If anyone brings more squares we can decide then what to do with them.  It will depend on how many there are.  This will be the last evening for bringing squares as we have now spent about 3 months on the project.  Hopefully we will be able to spread the completed ones out and take photographs to post.

We don't have a meeting in August, but will be back again in September when it will be our AGM.  We're already working on the programme for the next year (Sept - July) so hopefully we can get most of the dates filled before we come back.

Looking forward to the meeting tonight, and hopefully a few new faces.

Fleet Knit in Public

It's taken me ages to find time to update the blog - sorry, time has just not been available to me.  But better late than never!

So, we had a great day, talked to loads of people and hopefully some of them will come and see us on a club evening.  Some people had seen the posters around town and came along with their knitting and joined us.  We taught a few children how to knit, and they had a go on the knitting machine.  Some grown-ups had a go as well. 

We took photos, but only when there weren't so many people around.  And some of them aren't that good as the sun shone down through the glass roof which caused shadows!  We were grateful at times for the shade and kept moving the chairs round to take advantage of it as it was very hot in the full glare of the sun.

We even got some knitting done!  

The photographer from the local paper came along, but it was before the official start time and there were only a few of us early birds there.  Still we eventually got into print - about 3 weeks after the event.

The general consensus was that we should do it again next year!