Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fleet Knit in Public

It's taken me ages to find time to update the blog - sorry, time has just not been available to me.  But better late than never!

So, we had a great day, talked to loads of people and hopefully some of them will come and see us on a club evening.  Some people had seen the posters around town and came along with their knitting and joined us.  We taught a few children how to knit, and they had a go on the knitting machine.  Some grown-ups had a go as well. 

We took photos, but only when there weren't so many people around.  And some of them aren't that good as the sun shone down through the glass roof which caused shadows!  We were grateful at times for the shade and kept moving the chairs round to take advantage of it as it was very hot in the full glare of the sun.

We even got some knitting done!  

The photographer from the local paper came along, but it was before the official start time and there were only a few of us early birds there.  Still we eventually got into print - about 3 weeks after the event.

The general consensus was that we should do it again next year!

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