Saturday, June 08, 2013

Cut and Sew

Last night at the May meeting Liz updated everyone about the Knit in Public event on 8th June from 10 am till 4 pm at the Hart Centre, Fleet. The blankets are coming on really well, Liz has been improvising the joining methods for the odd sized pieces by picking up and knitting fillers between them and pulling them together much like a puzzle. We will publish more photos of the blankets and from the Knit in Public event after saturday

 Then we had show and tell. Here are some of the beautiful items completed this last month


 Liz showed us how to finger knit

The main event was Frances Perkins our speaker for the evening who demonstrated 'Cut and Sew' techniques and brought along some samples

Start by marking the neckline placing with contrast yarn markers shown here in green wrong side facing. The neck outline has been sewn with an overlock or zigzag stitch prior to cutting, to hold the fabric and stitches in place and is then cut with sharp scissors. Usually the shoulders would be joined prior to this so the whole neckband could be made in one but for this exercise just the front is being made

Hold up to the machine to decide the stiches for neckline, make a note plus add 2 for either end join later.

Do a weaving cast-on with waste yarn and knit a number of rows, then a row with cord to ease removal later. Then do about 3 rows of main yarn for one of the enclosing flaps

Next mark the row with a 1x1 row of slip stitches by putting alternate needles to pattern position setting to slip and knitting across. Every other needles is knitted and slipped which gives a lovely marking line on wrong side. This is a great tip for marking to enable picking up some rows below in same yarn colour and doesnt show on right side for making ridges, pockets and many other uses and effects. 
Knit the rows for depth of neck. On this demo Frances made some eyelets for a picot edge then knitted  more rows for neck depth other side.
Pick up from the previously marked row and knit across.
Take off on waste yarn but don't cut the main yarn
Using same needles just used for band except for the two extra at each end pick up front piece right side facing . Do outside first then middle then in betweens until all is evenly picked up and use 3x2 tool

Pull all the needles forward so main front is behind the latches and all latches are open. Pull out the 1 extra needle either end and pick up the neckband wrong side facing. The extra end needles are for the end of band either side
Picked up and ready to close latches and knit through
Close latches and carefully but firmly push the needles back so they knit through
All done
Pick up the other flap from below next to the knitted in cord. This time though knit it across with the main yarn you didn't break off earlier. This can be tough to do manually and it helps to pull needles forward first then knit across using a whole number looser. Then do another loose row maybe even 10 depending on your preferred cast off method. Cast off.
Remove waste and here is the front side completed
Wrong side facing all complete

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