Saturday, November 05, 2016

November 2016 - Knooking

This week we tried our hand at "knooking", which is knitting with a crochet hook. You can make the bits yourself by sticking or taping a length of ribbon to the end of a crochet hook. As you use the crochet hook to create each knit stitch, instead of dropping the completed stitch off the crochet hook, the stitches remain on the hook. At the end of the row, the stitches are moved onto the ribbon so the next row can be "knooked".

Here are some in-progress photos:

There is only 1 knitting show left this year, which is in Harrogate. Unravel will be at Farnham Maltings on the 17-19 February 2017, followed by Make It at Farnborough on the 24-25. It will be the anniversary event of the machine knitting show at Bournemouth next year, but it most likely will also be the last one.

Next month is the charity meeting. Please bring along your donations for the Royal Marsden shop. We will also remind you of the details of this years' challenge.

The show-and-tell included two beautiful blankets, a dart-shaped blue raglan jumper, a rainbow baby jacket, and a flower blanket WIP.