Tuesday, January 23, 2007


We are so proud of our club, we had a large write up in the local newspaper which hopefully will bring us new members. There was a large photo of some club members and once again, Liz's trusty machine! Hopefully this publicity can only be good for machine knitting.

Esher 2007

Liz with trusty machine and another part of our display showing examples of stitches which can be knitted on a machine.
View of part of display.

Baby items knitted on the standard gauge machine. The red and white waistcoat is felted wool.

An example of fun knitting by the Middlesex Machine Knitting Club. This beach picnic set has all you need for a day at the beach. A sundress, sun hat, towel, mobile phone, i pod, suntan lotion, juice carton, lipstick, purse with loose change, water melon and food, including battenburg cake and chocolate swiss roll! And there is a bag to carry it all in.

This shawl was knitted on the Silver Reed LK150 using hand knitting double knit yarn.

Esher Show 2007

Once again members of Fleet Knitting Club helped to man the Guild of Machine Knitters stand at this show. We were relegated to the "basement" this year so hope everyone found us! We were lucky to have a large area to fill, lots of machine knitted goodies and two machines set up and working! We were knitting blankets for Middlesex hospital maternity unit.

We had plenty of visitors, some ex knitters and people interested in starting to machine knit. One nice thing was the number of younger people who seemed interested. Maybe we should think like the Americans, get them hooked on the "Hobby" machines which use the fancy hand knitting yarns, and then they will progress to standard gauge. Also a lot of questions on various aspects of knitting , which we hopefully answered.

Yes, we enjoyed our time at the show, saw other interesting crafts, and came away inspired. Maybe not as much there as in previous years for the machine knitter, but we are definitely alive and kicking!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


A few days before Christmas I had a phone call from the local newspaper. They wanted to do a feature about our knitting club. I gave them some information about what we do at the club, the charities we support and told them about our blogspot. The reporter asked if she could send a photographer to take our picture and could we get some of the ladies together before the next meeting in February as she would like to feature us in the paper in January.

So always willing to oblige, I sent out an e-mail to most members and rang a few others and asked them to come to have their photograph taken. In all there was 6 of us, all posing round the knitting machine, looking as if we were watching and admiring. Naturally we all wanted to have our good side featured!

We are now all watching the local papers to see when we get featured! As soon as we see the article I'll let you know, and if it's on the newspapers own website we'll post a link.