Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Esher Show 2007

Once again members of Fleet Knitting Club helped to man the Guild of Machine Knitters stand at this show. We were relegated to the "basement" this year so hope everyone found us! We were lucky to have a large area to fill, lots of machine knitted goodies and two machines set up and working! We were knitting blankets for Middlesex hospital maternity unit.

We had plenty of visitors, some ex knitters and people interested in starting to machine knit. One nice thing was the number of younger people who seemed interested. Maybe we should think like the Americans, get them hooked on the "Hobby" machines which use the fancy hand knitting yarns, and then they will progress to standard gauge. Also a lot of questions on various aspects of knitting , which we hopefully answered.

Yes, we enjoyed our time at the show, saw other interesting crafts, and came away inspired. Maybe not as much there as in previous years for the machine knitter, but we are definitely alive and kicking!

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