Sunday, January 07, 2007


A few days before Christmas I had a phone call from the local newspaper. They wanted to do a feature about our knitting club. I gave them some information about what we do at the club, the charities we support and told them about our blogspot. The reporter asked if she could send a photographer to take our picture and could we get some of the ladies together before the next meeting in February as she would like to feature us in the paper in January.

So always willing to oblige, I sent out an e-mail to most members and rang a few others and asked them to come to have their photograph taken. In all there was 6 of us, all posing round the knitting machine, looking as if we were watching and admiring. Naturally we all wanted to have our good side featured!

We are now all watching the local papers to see when we get featured! As soon as we see the article I'll let you know, and if it's on the newspapers own website we'll post a link.

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