Thursday, March 01, 2012

March Meeting

Our March meeting is on Tuesday, 6th March. We thought long and hard about what would interesting everyone and then it came to us. The Hague linker and the cast off linkers for the knitting machines. It's been a long while since they saw the light at club.

We knitted 3 panels of a blanket when we were at Unravel last weekend so we can sew them together on Tuesday evening. We can also do a few fancy bits on it to show you what else can be achieved. And we know that some of you have cast off linkers tucked away and don't know how to use them. So come and take a look.

Both linkers will fascinate the non-machine knitter and the Hague is suitable for those of you that handknit but hate making up.

See you on Tuesday. 8pm is the start time and visitors are welcome.

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