Friday, August 18, 2006

Beginning of a new year for Fleet Knitting Club

Fleet Club year runs from September to August, so this is the time of year when we plan our programme. We've had our committee meeting and discussed who we would like to come and talk to us this year. Naturally this meeting was held at the local pub/restaurant so we could enjoy some good food and a glass of something at the same time! We did get through a lot of business as well and I came away with a list of suggestions and people to contact. I also told the committee members about the knitting challenge for 2006/7 and they agreed there was plenty of scope for imagination in the chosen subject - no I'm not telling yet, it will be announced at the AGM in September. I've been in touch with the speakers we discussed at our meeting and I've been able to complete the programme for the year. It must be a first that I've been able to sort it all out before the AGM instead of having to say "to be confirmed" on some months. I will be revealing who will be speaking shortly. Now I must prepare the summer newsletter and get it copied and posted to all members. If everyone was on line I could post it here....

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