Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Blankets

The 'blanket evening' went very well. A lot of people turned up with some ready knitted squares to join together. We sat around a huge table and decided who was doing what and split into various groups. One group brought yarn and needles and continued to knit more squares. Another group sewed squares into strips. A knitting machine was assembled ready to knit too.

Nina brought in a linker and joined together all the machine knitting strips. At the end of the evening Nina had assembled almost the whole machine knitted blanket except for the finishing. On the hand knitted front we had assembled most of the strips for a double bed size blanket. So we had acheived almost 2 double sized blankets between us.

Finishing and some strips still need to be sewn together so Liz may bring it to the Knit in Public event she has organised at Hart Shopping Centre, Fleet Road, Fleet on Saturday 8th June 2013. Some volunteers and a bit of delegation is needed to get them both completed and donated to a worthy cause. We will keep you posted both on the finishing and where they end up.

The next group of photos are from the show and tell

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