Saturday, April 04, 2015

Adding crochet to buttons

 For our March meeting we did a bit of hands on.  We each brought along a four-holed button (or maybe a few), a crochet hook and some yarn and crocheted round them to make a pretty flower. A really small hook was required to go through the holes, but it can be done. We also tried crocheting a cover for a button.  Both techniques would be useful if you can't find a button to go with a garment you've made or just for decoration.

There was a bit of concentration involved, but there was still plenty of time for chatter and a lot of laughing!


 There was of course time for a bit of show and tell.  As usual I didn't make notes of who'd knitted what, so apologies if I haven't put your name against your item.

Of course I can't remember who knitted this beautiful outfit for a lucky baby.

But I can remember that Sue knitted this cardigan.  The yarn is Yeoman Grigna and the pattern is a free download from Long Buckby Machine Knitters website.

 Nina knitted this jumper.

But I've forgotten who knitted this - I think it was Sandra.

 Again my memory has let me down.  (note to self - write it down next time!)

 (don't ask me why that has come out as a caption - it did it all by itself and I can't get rid of it! and I can't get the picture below to move left or right!  Hey how, one day I might understand.)

 This is a section of a scarf knitted by Liz.  The yarn is from Drops Lace, 2ply and 70% alpaca, 30% silk. 

And last but not least two machine knit scarves, and once again I've forgotten who knitted them!

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