Saturday, February 28, 2015

March 2015 meeting

If you'd looked at our proposed programme for the year you would see that we were hoping to have a speaker this month.  Unfortunately it is getting harder to find anybody to talk on any subject relating to knitting, so we haven't been successful.

So - rather than just sit and chat we thought we'd keep your hands busy and get you doing something. If you take a look at this website  you will find instructions on how to make a decorative button.  English instructions are under all the pictures and foreign wording.

So what do you need to bring?  Well a button with four holes to start with.  Plus a crochet hook and some yarn.  I'd suggest that the crochet hook should be about 2mm in size if you are bringing 4 ply yarn.  Depending on the button(s) you bring you may find that the crochet hook won't fit through the holes.  If you have a smaller one that will fit through please bring it.  If not, we will have one or two there so can share.

I'm sure plenty of chatter will go on and don't forget show and tell as well.

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