Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Questions & Answers

The evening was well attended and we welcomed some new guests. Liz provided the latest round of updates, helpful knitting and crafting information plus a reminder of the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show.

Liz provided a few reviews of the Knitware software so that everyone interested could have a look at some functions of the program and see how they could use it for designing and producing their knitted products 

Sally created a beautiful double bed jacquard blanket of her own design. She also posed a question during the Q and A session as to why a couple of stitches dropped during the machine knitting. Solutions offered ranged from differing stitch size coming from each bed despite same tensions settings, gap between the two beds for consistency and tightness and flattening of the yarn on the cone causing bounce off needles.

 Nina talked about the cowl top and jacket machine knitted during an Ann Brown workshop

 Shirley showed the jacket she had machine knitted for a Raglan competition entry
Liz finally finished her handknit kit bag with the removable insides with the idea that contents could move to various outers

Jean made some handy little machine knit bags

A major achievement for Stephanie in completing this raglan sweater for a recent competition entry that was donated to a local charity. Stephanie also brought in her machine to get help to remove the sponge bar that was stuck fast

Another Q&A was about techniques for picking up along rounded edges of a handknit jacket to get a neat finish. One of the suggestions was to pick up with stitches all facing same way as some can get twisted

 A couple of neck warmers hand knitted by Sue in alpaca in the round and not requiring sewing up

Passap machine knitted scarf created by Sue whilst in Australia using Barbara Fletcher's (President of New South Wales Machine Knitting Association) machine.  

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