Saturday, November 03, 2012

November meeting soon

So the previous two posts bring you up to date.  And I can now tell you what we are doing in November.

We are having a question and answer evening.  We know that some of you have a problem or two you need answering, and a few have asked to see the Knitware programme in action so that will be the starting point.

Bring any yarn and needles/hooks necessary to sort out your query and advanced warning of it would be good as well so that we can do our homework and make sure we have a suitable answer for you.  If you have a favourite technique you are willing to demonstrate please bring that with you as well, and if we don't have time to do everything on the night, then we can have another session later in the year.

And of coures the one thing that I haven't said yet is the date of the next meeting - Tuesday 6th November 8pm

Look forward to seeing you and visitors and new members are most welcome.

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