Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our June Meeting

Oops, who forgot the camera this month! Sorry no photos.

We spent time discussing what we would be putting on our stand at the Guild of Machine Knitters AGM that was to take place on 19 June in Basingstoke. I left the meeting with lots of garments and the decision to see what looked best when we put the things out. I also took along the current blogspot book (we print out the pages of the blogspot every so often for those that haven't got internet access). More about the AGM in the next post.

After a show and tell, when Nina showed us a white jacket she had knitted for a wedding and lots more chatter, we had coffee/tea and biccies and then I set the machine up to show our beginners some of the techniques that had been described over the last few months. Hopefully it will mean they can get the knitting to stay on their machines. It was more of a refresher course really as they have all used machines before, just been away from them for a while and forgotten what they knew.

I look forward to seeing how they get on next month.

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