Sunday, May 30, 2010

June 2010 meeting

Plans have changed a bit for this month. The visit from Bookham club has been delayed till later in the year.

So instead I will bring a knitting machine along and we can go through some of the basics with those of you that have forgotten or have never known how. If you are having difficulties with something we can see if we can sort it out as well. If you have a handknitting query we can try and sort that out as well.

The Guild of Machine Knitters AGM is on 19th June at Basingstoke. We are going to have a table there to show some of the things we have knitted (hand and machine), so if you have made something that you are pleased with, please bring it along (doesn't have to be something you have only just made) and we can see if we can make a suitable display.

The meeting date of course is Tuesday 1st June, and the time is 8 pm as usual. Hope to see you.

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