Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Meeting

At tonight's meeting we had a talk from Jill Brownjohn about the Horst Schulz method of knitting. This is a way to construct knitted forms eliminating sewing up seams wherever possible. The secret is in how you knit the edges!
Jill had many samples for us to see, in all colours of the rainbow! The main techniques used are knitted strips, and mitred squares, which can all be joined by knitting together, so no sewing!

Jill was a very interesting speaker and we thank her for sharing her knowledge!

Horst Shulz published two books about his knitting method, but apparently they are very hard to get hold of now.

An example of knitted strips and mitred squares joined together.

An example of knitted strips where instead of stocking stitch, the strips have been knitted in bands of plain and purl.
Example of mitred squares, joined together as they are knitted.
This is the end of a scarf where mitred squares have been used as decoration and the main body of the scarf is knitted in strips and joined.

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