Friday, November 27, 2009

December Meeting

Our December Charity Evening is almost upon us. Tuesday will be 1st December. We might be a bit early for Father Christmas to visit however we can still get into the Christmas spirit and do a little giving of our own.

Please bring along anything that you have made or found to donate to the Friends of the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton Branch. They do stirling work, helping to provide a few extra comforts and some much needed equipment for patients at this amazing hospital. We may live too far away to offer assistance within the hospital, but we can still help raise a few pounds to swell the kitty.

Also this month Sandra will be bringing along some things to sell in aid of another charity, this time one that helps people in less fortunate areas of Africa to become self sufficient. They raise money in the UK, which is then spent in Africa, as items we send attract huge import duties and often don't reach the end destination.

As for what else we will be doing, well mince pies will be eaten, tea and coffee will be drunk and lots of seasonal chatter will be going on as well. If you have completed any knitting projects, please bring them along to show and we will see what else we can find to do.

To remind you again, the December meeting is on Tuesday 1st December. 8pm. Visitors are welcome.

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