Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hands-on evening - Crochet an edge

At our June meeting we learnt how to work a crochet crab stitch edging that is suitable to go round the edge of something we have knitted, either by hand or machine. Crab stitch gives a very neat edge with a little bump in it. It's worked in the opposite direction to most crochet stitches. If you have never tried it, there are some good sites on the web showing you how to do the stitch. Some of us found it easier than others to start with. Clover make a set of crochet hooks that have an enlarged handle which some members found more comfortable to use than others, especially those that had problems holding the finer crochet hooks due to arthritis. Everyone joined in and had a go and once they got the hang of it were surprised how easy it was.


Rachael said...

I think I'm going to have to join this group!

Busy Knitter said...

You're welcome to come and join us Rachael. Details of when and where we meet are at the top of the blog. We blog a few days before each meeting to say what's going on.