Friday, May 29, 2009

June Meeting

Another month has rushed by and it's almost June. Our meeting will be next Tuesday (2nd June) at the usual time of 8 pm. What a difference it makes being about to get there and back in day light.

No speaker this month as I know some of you will be on holiday. Instead, those of us that are there will be learning a bit about crochet and how to use it in conjunction with our knitting. We will be showing you how to do crab stitch which is a great edging to use when putting a zip into our knitwear. Of course it also has other uses as well.

So whether you have never mastered crochet, can do a little bit or are an expert at crochet, do come and join us. If you are an expert, you can pass some of your skills on, or if you haven't every mastered crochet you may have by the end of the evening.

Bring a crochet hook, a tension swatch and a little yarn can. Don't worry if you can't, there will be some there for you.

Visitors welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Liz, I have info about the knitting machines at Fleet Charity Shop. I do not have your email address. Anne