Sunday, May 18, 2008

Remember the box last month, now we can reveal the contents! Our club entry for the competition, The Three Bears Breakfast Table.

Here is the complete table setting. All these pieces were knitted by Liz, Carole, Sheila H, Kathy and Nina. Most items are machine knitted, but the flowers decorating the photo frame are felt, the picture is machine embroidered as is the milk carton label.

This is Baby Bear's bowl, porridge and spoon, napkin complete with ring, on a place mat. Mummy and Daddy's place setting are the same, but getting larger in size.

Here is the photo frame and vase with daffodils.

Here is the milk carton and sugar bowl. The sugar crystals are beads.

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Anonymous said...

hello there ,

i saw a friend of mine whom got a knitted scarf made of 4 colors , made of wool or cotton i don't mind , but i would like to know if you will be willing to knit me one , or at least guide me to someone who is willing to do so.

thank you