Thursday, May 01, 2008

May meeting

All the rain over the past month may have kept you in doors, but have you put your time to good use and been knitting? I do hope so. Maybe you've been trying out some of the things Iris showed us when she was here a few weeks ago? Bring along the things you've done, successful or otherwise. We'd like to see them.

It's almost time for our May meeting. Tuesday May 6th is the exact date and it will be easy to forget to come as it's the day after the bank holiday. I hope you can make it. Glynn Jones is coming to talk to us this month about weaving combined with lace. She will be demonstrating some of the techniques as well. It promises to be a really informative evening.

Don't forget you should also be working on the challenge I set you last September. It was to make something to wear on your head. Can be anything you like - hat, head band, scarf, - so long as it goes on your head. Obviously the more unusual the better as far as I'm concerned but please try to make something. You've still got a few weeks before we show what we've made, so you still have time to make something special. The challenge items will be shown at the July meeting. And I'll have to get my thinking cap on and decide what the challenge will be for next year!

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