Monday, March 13, 2017

March 2017 - Talk by Anne Baker of Karabee Designs

The Bournemouth show was last weekend. We are able to be joined by this evening's visitor, who resides in Yorkshire, because they travelled down to host a stand at the show, and generously offered to attend several local clubs before and after the show.

The next shows are at Shepton Mallett, and then at Nottingham.

Reminder that the deadline for the Guild of Machine Knitters annual competition is approaching in just over a month.

Show and Tell

Julia is finishing off the last square of another colourful blanket for the 60 Million Trebles project.

Nina had machine knit a pink jumper with a rolled rib collar.

Annette had hand knit two vests.

Liz had hand knit a pair of multicolour pink socks, and also brought along all the Innocent Smoothie "Big Knit" hats that were produced during the Make It show in Farnborough.

Sally has machine knit a brown child's jumper from stash yarn, using a top-down pattern with saddle shoulders.

Talk by Anne Baker, Karabee Designs

Anne gave an interesting talk about how she got started with machine knitting, and how she evolves her own designs. Karabee Designs began back in 1999 with 8 patterns. The designs are all straight-forward wardrobe staples, of basic to medium difficulty. There is clever use of variegated yarns to give the appearance that the garments are more complicated that they actually are. Anne discussed some of the more complex patterns, discussing the steps in detail. There was a lengthy discussion on textures, yarns and sizing, with lots of questions being answered.

There was a rail displaying lots of samples of the patterns, which all had boys and girls names. Some of Karabee's designs can be found in the Machine Knitting Monthly magazine, and on Ravelry.

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