Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 2016 - Club challenge and Guess-the-Gadget

The Machine Knitting Guild held it's AGM in Lincoln. There will be a full write-up in a special edition of 'Beyond the gatepegs', and a write-up in the next Guild newsletter.

The charity table was creaking under the weight of magazines that had been brought in to share. Flicking through the magazines was like a walk through fashion history for the last 30 years. It was interesting to see the staple items that continue to be popular, regardless of the current fashion trends, particularly the classic simple cardigan. With our weather, it is always useful to have on-hand!

In contrast to the recent damp weather, it was a bright pleasant evening for the last meeting of the club year. The club takes a break for summer, and resumes with a new club year of events in September.

Show and tell

Sandra had made a pink cardigan with Swarovski buttons, designed by Ann Brown.

and also a pink jumper for the Guild knitting challenge.

Jane hand-knit a gorgeous multi-coloured cardigan for a 6-12 months old.

Liz had machine-knit a red/black book bag, a wall hanging, and a lacy white cotton top, that had also been entered into the Guild challenge.

Club Challenge

The club challenge for the year was to follow the provided pattern for a child's cardigan, that had the number of rows, stitches, and decreases, but no yarn, edging, trimming or tension was specified.

There were 8 entries, and the range was fascinating. Although the basic shape was the same, the cardigans varied wildly in size, colour, and finish.

The cardigans were laid out on a table with a number assigned to each cardigan. The members then voted on which cardigan was their favourite. The winner was Sandra.


Jean brought along a metal object that looked a little like a hair comb. 

Liz brought along a green bakelite darning mushroom. It says on the base "Always darn with Glista Yarn" on the base, and was made in England. The domed top can be removed, revealing threads and a tube. The tube contains darning needs, but also pushes into the lid to create the darning mushroom.

Another club member brought along a Topstitcher kit, that can be used to create embellishments on a knitted fabric. Smaller versions are also available that can be used on woven fabrics.

This last item is a hole puncher for creating knitting patterns for punch-card knitting machines. It is very easy to use, but you need to keep your concentration whilst using it!

Next year

The next club year will begin on the first Tuesday of September. If you have any ideas for speakers, activities or challenges, please contact one of the committee members.

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