Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hands-On evening - Joining pieces

We've got this meeting (on Tuesday 3rd November) down as a Hands-On evening to help with joining pieces of knitting together.  I've got some samples to show you as well - lots of different ways to join your beautifully knitted pieces together which can be worked by a machine or hand knitter.

So to join in - please bring either some swatches that you can join together or knit some small pieces.  They don't need to be over large; just big enough to handle as you work.  We'd especially like to cover mattress stitch and grafting (kitchener stitch) as we know that some of you find them the most difficult.  For the mattress stitch, you'll need two pieces of knitting both with closed edges.  For the grafting you'll again need two pieces of knitting but don't cast these off.  They can either be taken off on waste yarn or you can bring them on needles (one piece per needle please).  If you'd like to learn how to crochet a join then again two pieces of knitting and a crochet hook will be required.  Don't forget to bring a needle and a little bit of yarn to do the stitching with. 

We'll have a machine there too so we can demonstrate some of the joins on the machine.

Also, I have been asked to find a home for some yarn.  It should be coming to me on Tuesday morning. I plan to bring it with me Tuesday evening for you to all see and homefully take some home with you in exchange for a donation as usual.  I won't know how much or what it is until it arrives.

During the course of the evening I will also be asking who is planning to come to our Knit-In on Saturday 14 November.

So it's promising to be a busy evening.  Look forward to seeing you there - 8 pm as usual.

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