Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July and our Challenge Evening

We had just 5 entries in this years challenge.  It was to knit something using a ladder yarn.  From the comments received, club members just didn't have any idea what to knit.  We need to be more specific in the challenge next time.  Some of the entries didn't photograph well, partly due to the nature of them but also because we were indoors, however for the record these were the entries.

The one chosen as favourite is the one in the middle row, right hand side, a crochet head scarf/shawl.

There were a few items bought in for show and tell.  Jean crocheted this lovely angel.  Small enough to hang on your tree or for decorating anywhere.  She designed it herself.

Janet has made another crochet blanket.  She's still using up her stash but she assures us the quantity is going down - slowly!

Liz knitted this short sleeve jumper using her knitting machine and garter carriage.  She said that the top part of the jumper was knitted in stocking stitch as it isn't so easy to shape using the garter carriage.  It's quicker too.  Still needs to be pressed.

 Apologies to whoever knitted this - I didn't make a note and now I can't remember.  The zig-zag pattern on the body is caused by yarn, nothing the knitter did.

Stephanie  knitted this blue summer top on her knitting machine.  She said it wasn't finished yet.  She ran out of time to finish the pressing.

 And last, but not least, someone has been preparing for winter by knitting this scarf.  Another one where the picture doesn't do it justice!

I wonder what will be bought along for show and tell when we meet again in September?
Hopefully all the photos will stay where I put them, but sometimes the computer thinks it knows best!

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