Saturday, October 25, 2014

Producing Texture

Susan Holton is a contemporary knitwear designer who joined us as this month's speaker and shared her passion for producing textures and colour in her pieces. 

Some of Susan's pieces have been created by combinations of two different fibres in one garment, that have different absorbtion rates for taking on dye, and created a two tone effect. Most of the textures and dye effects she has found quite by accident from experimenting to see what happens. Sometimes it has been a pleasant surprise and quite unexpected. The fibres she has tried for example are silk with viscose and Susan usually dyes her pieces after making and not the fibre independently before knitting, which is quite unusual for most domestic knitters.

Another one of her trade marks is use of the 7 prong tool to create smooth lines around neck, arm and shoulder shaping. A lot of her clothes also have short row shaping and this has also produced beautiful flowing garments that flatter and fit most shapes and sizes and also added texture.

A selection of Susan Holton garments

The above are all close ups of a few of Susan's garment textures

A few members brought in some show and tell.
My very first knitted item ever! 

A shawl by Carol

A colourful throw

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