Tuesday, August 26, 2014

September and the start of a new year for us

We don't meet in August as that's when a lot of us are on holiday so no report on a meeting this month.

Our year runs from September so it's time once again for our AGM - Tuesday 2nd September at 8 pm. It is the ideal opportunity to give us your ideas and thoughts about the club and what you aim to knit during the next year. You can of course e-mail us direct with ideas for club meetings so that we can try and include them in the programme during the coming year.

Along with the AGM (which as you know doesn’t take us very long!) we have invited Rosie from Moon Beads to come along and talk to us about knitting with beads.  I am sure she will have some of her gorgeous beads with her as well of other items of interest to you, so bring your purse!

Hardly a day goes by without someone, somewhere in the world looking at this blog spot of ours.  We are keeping a paper version as a form of diary to show those members that don't have an internet connection.

Once again it has been difficult to find speakers and as yet some dates haven’t been filled.  We are aiming to do that as soon as we can.  We will also be asking members to volunteer to show techniques and stitches to fill the programme. Programme updates will be posted here on the Blogspot as soon as a date is filled.

With your agreement, we will continue to support the Friends of the Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton Branch with donations of knitted and other new, but unwanted, items. We will collect them together at our December meeting, and they will be taken to the hospital a few days later. The Friends of the Royal Marsden will also be the recipient of the money raised at our club meetings through the sale of donated yarn and other items of knitting paraphernalia, plus donations from other sources.  The “pot” currently has over £188 for them. The total amount sent to them over the years stands at over £2,200 and the amount raised through the sale of goods we’ve sent must double, maybe treble, that.

Having looked at the amount in our treasurers account, the subs will remain £15.00 for the next year so please help us by having your cheque ready (made payable to “Fleet Machine Knitting Club”) or the correct money to hand and maybe in an envelope with your name on it. As an alternative, if you don’t expect to be able to make some of the meetings you can opt to pay £3 per night that you attend. We may need to levy an additional variable amount towards any evening when we have a speaker; depending on how much they charge and the distance they travel.

Looking forward to another successful year of knitting.

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