Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April and Shawls for extra warmth!

Shawls - round, square and triangular and in a variety of yarns and stitches.  And they were all beautiful!  Some knitted by hand and some on the knitting machine.  We also made on during the evening.  Some of those brought in had been shown on previous occasions, so we haven't put their pictures up - look back at the show and tells to find them.

This circular shawl uses colour changes and a lace stitches to give the wave pattern.

This is one that starts with just a few stitches and you increase on every row. Plus you work in the pattern!

Another beautiful shawl.

This one is in the making.  Start with 5 stitches and increase on every row till you get to about 400. All garter stitch. Then cast off!  The yarn is 100% silk from Debonnaire

The shawl in the foreground is knitted from the 3S shawl pattern, downloaded from Ravelry. The yarn is Corriedale with 25% bamboo.  The red yarn on cone is 80% Cashmere, 20% silk and is being knitted, by hand, into another shawl.

Here's just a couple of the books that were brought if.

Work in progress - the shawl we knitted during the evening!  Grace did a great job - her first time using a knitting machine and she mastered increasing and decreasing.

And now for the things brought in for show and tell.

This interesting garment is a bed shawl.  We haven't got a back view but look at the neckline and you'll see it was knitted as one straight strip and the collar and edging added to aid shaping.

Someone's been trying thread lace - this is a swatch for a planned garment.  Hope to see the finished one soon.

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