Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Term

The new term brought a very mixed bag of knitting projects. The club embraces all knitting styles and the associated crafts which is great. There is usually at least one expert on hand to learn new techniques, plenty willing to share new ideas and provide some crafting help.

Following the AGM business and the schedule for the club meetings, members brought out their summer projects. Yarn was on sale and craft magazines were being recycled amongst the group. One member brought in her machine and solved a tuck lace problem.

A simply beautiful arrangement of colours from a new member

Hand crafted laceweight shawl, so complex to many but a breeze for some of the talented club members

The challenge with this yarn is getting it to knit the colour changes fairly evenly across the different pieces so it still looks pleasing with a bit of random creativity

This garment has an interesting textured edging turning a plain knit into something special

Beautiful textures using up yarn ends into a throw or wrap for the autumn

Different kinds of knitted squares, is this continuing the blanket theme

This was adapted from a Zandra Rhodes pattern

Liz had brought aloing some of the hats and accessorie sets for the Guild stand at the autumn exhibitions. Amazing what can be done with machine knitting and millinery crafts

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