Friday, February 01, 2013

First meeting of 2013

The first meeting of 2013 is on Tuesday 5th February.  I haven’t been able to book a speaker who lives nearby and I’m reluctant to ask anyone to travel a distance as we can never be sure what the weather is doing. So I put my thinking cap on!  Now I know you’ve all got gadgets tucked away that you use when you are knitting, or to embellish your knitting or that use yarn (yes I’ve got plenty too!).  Or maybe it is something you bought, but haven't ever tried! I would like you to bring them along and a bit of yarn and whatever else you need to use with them.  Then we can all have a play and it could help us decide if it is worth us looking out for them.

I’ll also bring a machine and some gadgets that aren’t made by the big companies so you may not have seen them before.  If you have any tucked away that you aren’t sure how to use, or you think are great, then bring them along.

And bring your purse (with lots of cash in it) as I will be bringing some yarn with me to sell.  Any money raised will go to Cancer Research this time at the request on the person who is passing it on to me.

Don’t forget to bring things to Show and Tell.  

Looking forward to seeing you all again after the break.  And visitors are always welcome. 8pm is our start time.

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