Monday, August 20, 2012

Pressing Matters in July

Erica Thomson gave an interesting and informative talk on all things related to pressing. She covered  tools and techniques using steam irons, boards, mats and yarns. Everyone had a chance to handle the samples and learn the correct way of threading a binding wire to get a straight edge. Erica demonstated how to press ribs for a professional finish and another surprising bit of information was that even the most unlikley badly pressed fabric was most often redeemable and she demonstrated the technique.  

A baby cardigan knitted by Sandra

Ann Brown design standard gauge machine knitted by Sue in 3 strands Metropolitan crepe

Beautiful blanket knitted by Jean
Blanket machine knitted with 2 strands 2/30 acrylic on Passap E6000
 No meeting during August, see you in September!

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